15 September 2011

an update...

So, just thought I'd mention whats been going on with me really quickly, just so that when I talked about certain things you wouldn't be in the dark.
   Awana started the other night!! Awana is a Bible club that I participate in. The kids are split into different age groups, and by the time you reach my age group it's pretty much a youth group, except for one thing. The main focus of Awana (Approved Workers Are Not Ashamed, from 2 Timothy 2:15, if you were wondering) is scripture memorization. So we play games and sing songs and have a Bible study, but we also memorize lots and lots of verses. It's pretty fantastic! By the end of this year, I will have memorized a cumulative total of well over 450 verses in all my years of doing it.
 Obviously, the fact that you're memorizing so much straight from the Bible is amazing and great, but the benefits of the memorization skills you acquire also serve you well. A college friend of mine is a huge science nut (like me, :), and she told me that she has done way better than most of her classmates in certain classes, because she's able to memorize so much better. She can easily get all the definitions and names and classifications, not only because she's super smart (she is) but because she's had tons of practice.
Anyways, this is my last year participating in Awana, unless I want to continue on my own. The church I do it with only goes to a certain age, but they are more than happy to help you continue on if you want.
 I'm definitely a little sad that it's my last year, but also excited to join the ranks of the helpers.
 The other night was really fun though!! One of you will remember the "pointed" questions *cough cough* (you know who you are). As in "Can you explain the meaning of the word iniquity..________?" Somehow they most all got directed at me...there are bad things about being the oldest. :)
 I don't mind. :)The leaders are all amazing, and my walk with God is definitely stronger because of this amazing program.
  I just wanted to give you that quick update on me. Oh, and I also just started a new small group through my church. My church doesn't do Sunday School for the older kids, so this was my way of getting involved. I'm pretty excited about it. So you may hear about it some, too.

Love :)

Ps: Please excuse my grammar (or lack thereof). I don't really have an excuse, except that I don't particularly want to go back and re-phrase a bunch of that. :)

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