29 July 2014

road song

Do you walk this road alone,
oh traveler?
Is the soft thump of your steps and the stir of the breeze in the dust your only companion?
awaken to the sunrise.
You are not alone...do you not see the first ray of dawn?
See, now it rises, bright and sure over these hills....
you will hear the song of the morning again.
I see the dark...
I walk the dark.
Groping, feeling my way through this path, starless night that it is.
See, though, the light that dawns.
Moon and stars rise,
sun over the mountains comes slow and sure.
It will be a quiet morning.
Never, though, has there been a night without a morning.
So still I wait.
This is not a lonely path,
dark though it is.
I am in the company of the strongest, bravest ones I know.
We walk in the silence,
waiting for the morning.
It rises.
We will see again.
Oh traveler.