So who is this crazy girl?
I know you're asking.
I'm R.
I am the oldest of four children, three girls and then a boy.
I live on an island in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
I'm in my teens, and loving it most of the time. (:
I love music, believe God speaks through it,  and have very eclectic music tastes. I play the piano, and sing, but I'm not particularly good at either. I do it because I need to have music.
I love art of all types, and pretty much consider it all a form of music.
I'm a bit of a tomboy, and my idea of cute clothes is generally REI, Mountain Hardware, North Face,ect. (-:
I'm a swimmer, which pretty much categorizes me as crazy. Not only do we swim, we also do dryland, which is a coaches PC term for "the place where I try my hardest to kill my swimmers" (-: Joking................sort of. I love it, though. I love the camaraderie that comes from spending so much time together, having fun together and getting in trouble together. I love being able to push myself to my limits, physically and mentally. I love that I can generally breathe, which I can't say for all sports.
I have asthma, which I don't consider a handicap or even a bad thing, most of the time. It is simply one more thing that I can chose to allow to limit me, or I can choose to consider it just another challenge. I'm a first born. I love challenges. Honestly, I wouldn't trade it  for anything. Sure it's a pain, and it'd be wonderful not to have it, but it is also an amazing blessing. You learn the meaning of trust as you are relying on God for every breath you take.  It's good. It has taught me to push my limits and be a fighter, to not set limitations on what I can do.
I love horses and ride as often as I can......any questions? (-:
I love reading, and usually am in the middle of three or four books. I'm actually only allowed to get one canvas bag of books at the library per trip, because my family would never see me otherwise. I've gotten very skilled at packing a bag full of books.
I love science, especially biology and human anatomy. It is my dream, and I believe my calling to be a missionary doctor.
I'm outdoorsy, thanks to the beautiful place I live. I love to hike, kayak, camp, and ski. God is so present in all creation, and I see Him especially when I am outside.  I hear him in the music of the waves, and the rivers, I see His glory and majesty in the mountains, and I believe He speaks directly to me through all he has created.
I love God.
He is everything to me, and the thing that keeps me going. He is my King and Lord, but also my best Friend. It never fails to amaze me that He sees everything about me, and loves me anyway.
 Who is this God I love? The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. YHWH. The God who thunders forth in the pounding of the waves, and whispers softly in the caress of the wind.  God who is just and powerful, but also good, full of mercy and grace.  The God who took humanity upon Himself, and walked our broken earth, and died a brutal death upon the cross, all because of how much He loves us.  The God who relentlessly pursues us, and wants our hearts.  The God who catches every one of our tears in the palm of His hand, and listens to our every cry. The God who hears us, and speaks to us. The indescribable God. The God who is Holy.  God who Is.
Questions? Comment and I'll answer to the best of my abilities. Thank you for taking the time to read the words I write. (:  I hope that somehow I can help you along your journey, and perhaps you can help me.
This is who I am.
Soli Deo Gloria.

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