05 March 2012

So be it

There are all these obstacles in the way, and I see them and tremble.
Can I really do it?
Do you really want me too?
The voice their concerns, their doubts.
It's too far, too long, I'm too young.
Am I the only one hearing this?
But this I know.

This is what I'm made for.

I'm not here to be in my own little world.
I'm not here to be comfortable, complacent, happy, even.
I'm here to step off the edge.
To be filled up, poured out, broken.
All for Love.
For a call.
For a command that I cannot play Jonah too.
I can't bury it.
I don't want to stand before the Master and have to give exactly what He gave me back.
I'm here to live with God, to bring Him glory even if it brings me to my knees.

I hear.
This is what I'm made for.
So be it.




  1. And I hear it, too! For His glory alone!

  2. Dear R....I so WISH you and my Sarah could meet. You remind me of her...all this brave and wild love for Jesus thrown like scattered seeds for the world. I love your writing. Your words inspire my heart.

    Love :)