26 March 2012

Isaiah 43:19


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  1. Hey, I read your comment and I am responding on my blog and here: so that I know that you get it.
    I agree with everything you said. However: singleness is not a not bad thing. In fact, Paul said it would be better if we remained single. (1 Corinthians 7) Both singleness and marriage are gifts from God. When you are single, you are under the authority of God alone. After much prayer I realize this. As a single woman I belong to God alone, and He has given me, and you, a wild and untamable beauty. He has given it to every women, yet it has been stomped on. We forget how powerful we really are. Our warrior and romantic spirit for God has left, and we often see ourselves through a negative lens. We see ourselves as ugly, unloved, and not worthy of an epic romance and a daring adventure. We no longer feel strong enough to be the heroine. We don't feel brave enough to slay the dragon. I was like that when I wrote that post. I was not looking through the eyes of God.
    I have a feeling I will eventually fall in love and get married, but I think by that point I will want to. The same might be for you. All I know right now is that I am completely in love with God. I am consumed by Him, and He delights in me. My singleness allows that to happen to the fullest degree, even though I am only eighteen. Please keep this in mind, sister. I hate to think that you also went through this pain. So many women do because, like I said, the world has stomped on something very precious to our souls, something very close to the heart of God.

    Listen to Him whisper, "I love you, Rachel. I delight in you. Arise my Beloved, and follow Me."