24 August 2011


So you want to be a princess? Maybe not now, but I think every girl has wanted that at one time or another. It's a part of little-girlhood. Remember how you would dress up in your sparkly dress and run into the living room and twirl around for your family to see?
 "See? I'm a princess," you'd say. "Welcome to my castle. Would you like to have tea with me and my prince?"
 Your parents would smile and say they would love to, and the would squeeze into your little chairs and have a conversation over tea with you and your prince.
  As you got older, your tea parties faded away and other things took their place. But you still hold on to that princess, don't you? Your thoughts have turned to a real prince. Perhaps he isn't the heir to a throne, but you remember when guys you know act like they could be. Or maybe that in itself is only a dream. When a guy no matter how old treats you like a princess, like you are valuable and worth something, your heart gives a little leap. I recently had an older gentlemen who must have been close to 75 or 80 hold the door for me. I was reaching to open the door, and he took it and said,
 "here, let me do that."
 I was so pleased! Why? Because it's wonderful when someone treats you with respect and honor. Your self-worth skyrockets!
  As we get older, that's something attractive to us in guys. We want to know that we are honored and worth something. I think that's why many girls are "dating" younger and younger. They still hold that princess mentality. They are searching for that in guys.
  Not that the "princess mentality" is bad! On the contrary.  It is important to believe that you are worthy of respect, because you are! But when you turn to boys too young, or when you turn to boys first, things go wrong.
  "Well, who else is going to treat me that way?" you wonder.
  • God.
  • Your Dad.
  • Your brothers( yes, they are capable of human interaction.)
But what if the second two options aren't an option? That's where God comes in. He comes before your dad, before your brothers, before your future boyfriend or husband.
 The Bible says God is the King of kings. the Bible also says that anyone who accepts Christ becomes a child of God. What is a female child of a King? A Princess.
  If you have accepted Christ's amazing gift than you are a princess. It's better than being an earthly princess! Your Father is the King of an eternal kingdom, one without beginning or end. He is always there for you, always willing to listen. He is never too busy to listen to your fears and your joys, or to simply hold you while you cry. In Isaiah 43 your Father the King says
 "Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
   and because I love you,
I will give men in exchange for you,
   and people in exchange for your life.
Do not be afraid, for I am with you....."
  See? You are precious to Him. You are honored. More than anything, He loves you.
 Sometimes in the Bible the name used for God is "Abba". This is simply the direct translation of the word "Daddy."
   Your Daddy the King of Kings.
  That is a name I love. Abba. Daddy.
 No matter how you think of yourself, your Abba loves you. Only He can determine your worth. Not others, not you.
  He determined your worth long before you were born. The price? His life. What did He do? He paid it. He loved you so much as His daughter, that, knowing every time you would pull away from Him already, He paid it anyway.
 You are someone worth dying for.
 That is what He wants you to know. You are a beloved, honored daughter of the King of kings.
 A Princess.

Instead of turning others first, turn to the One who values you more than anyone else. There is a time for everything. Your time for fulfillment in boys will come. But Your Abba in Heaven should be the one you come to first.



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