12 April 2012

On atoms and emptiness

Did you know......that the majority of an atom is empty space?
More than 99.99999% of matter is empty space.

Maybe......it's okay to be empty.
Because than the fullness is all the greater.

And we don't see matter as empty.
We see table, chair, floor, cheese, curtain.

In an atom, the negatively charged electrons cover the positive nucleus,
and blanket it.
The negative electrons repel other negative electrons.

And so even that which is empty, we touch and see as filled.
Because it is helped by an outside force.

When we are empty
we don't fill ourselves.
As hard as we try.

No, it is Christ who comes,
Christ who fills,
Christ who sustains us.

That we may be emptied into others.

This is my prayer in the harvest
Where favour and providence flow
I know I'm filled to emptied again..........

-Desert Song



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