20 April 2012

Bits of my thoughts today

Sometimes I like to just sit here,
like now.

Just write whatever on my brain.

Thoughts today......

-Not going to get much sleep tonight. Sleepover with the swim team at the pool. Including a midnight practice. Yeah....I'll be the grumpy older girl and make everyone sleep. We're going to watch one of the guys do a magic show at the high school as a benefit for their scout troop this evening. All of us older girls are dressing up all fancy, for fun, and because we never see each other in anything but sweats, running shorts, and swimsuits.

-I've sounded kind of depressed in recent posts. Sorry. I'm not, I promise. Just a heavy heart, for some reason, as I write.

-Sun is awfully nice. I love the rainy Pacific Northwest, but the sun is wonderful too.

-I'm done with Awana. Kind of sad, now that its over. Excited for the next chapter of teenagerhood and life in general.

-Thanks to you all for your kind comments on my wandering posts.  They mean a lot to me.

-Thanks for your patience with my brain. It goes weird places sometimes. It make perfect sense to me, though. ;)

-God, thanks for your patience with me. For your love even in my doubts. And for walking beside me every moment. For the love you give and the little words to me. For your great sense of humor.

Yeah. That's where my brain is today.



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