27 January 2012

We, the future.

My generation- well, hear talk of it, it would seem that we are going to the dogs.
We're doomed.
We are gone.
Turning away from God, morals, values, family, church.
Yeah, maybe.
But then again, maybe not.
Because here's the thing-
God is not dead.
He is not asleep.
He is alive and well.
And a lot of us- we love Him.
We are trying to follow Him.
We want our generation to see Him
But there's so much hurt.
You say none of us care?
We all do.
But some, just so full of hurt.
Where to turn?
they wonder.
So much judgement.
Empty promises.
Us "church kids,"
we can be exclusive.
Maybe not on purpose,
but still.
Worse yet, we can be hypocrites.
But some of us care.
For real.
And some adults care.
If we can make a difference,
even in just one life,
that's one stereotype shattered,
one heart healed.
God's not dead. 
He's  alive and well.
Working among us.
Changing hearts.
So to the doubters I would say-
Don't give up on us.
Yeah, we're messed up.
But aren't we all?
Isn't that the point of grace?
Jesus came to heal the broken,
not tend to the well.
We are His hands,
His feet.
And we are a generation who truly wants to be those things.
Yes, we will fall.
But He always catches us.



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