18 January 2012

Let me pose a question...

How do you tell the difference between your own desires and God?
I'm struggling.
Often, I know it's me.
Sometimes, I know it's God.
But right now,
 it's so grey.
And its a good thing,
but I don't know if it's
the time
or the place.
His will,
or mine.
Thoughts? Advice?
Greatly appreciated.




  1. I can't tell you objectively how to always tell whose desires are prodding at you. But I do know that this is exactly why God does desire the fellowship of His children; so that we can help each other.

    I would love to help you, feel free to email, or if it's more than I can help with, talk to someone you trust.

  2. Soak yourself in His word. Meditate on His love letters to you. Read a chapter of Proverbs each day. (31 of 'em...I think God knows what He's doing!) Ask Him for wisdom. Trust Him. The Lord ALWAYS gets His kids where He wants them. Even when we miss it sometimes. Love your heart.