29 January 2012

Even if I ran away

Nothing can seperate.
Even if I ran away
Your love never fails
We sang that today,
gathered as we were.
Do we live that?
Do we believe it?
That even if I ran away to the far corners of the earth,
He'd follow me.
That even as we think we have done far to much to ever be loved,
He comes after us.
Not to scold.
Not to shame.
Not to embarrass.
To love.

He pursues.

Do you remember the story of Hosea and Gomer?
Gomer was a prostitute. And really messed up.
Hosea found her, saw her in the depths of her brokenness, and loved her. He brought her home, and he married her. They had children, and he poured his love and attention on her.
But she wasn't satisfied.
She left him, left all that he had done for her, and became a prostitute again.
God spoke to Hosea and said
"Start all over: Love your wife again, your wife who's in bed with her latest boyfriend, your cheating wife.
Love her the way I, God, love the Israelite people,
   even as they flirt and party with every god that takes their fancy."
Hosea listens. He says
 I did it. I paid good money to get her back.
   It cost me the price of a slave.
Then I told her, "From now on you're living with me.
   No more whoring, no more sleeping around.
   You're living with me and I'm living with you."
(Hosea 3:1b-3 MSG)

He loved her.
He followed through with his commitment.

This is a story of God-love.

When we are in the depths of our filth,
that is where he picks us up, kisses us, and heals our pain.
Dirty as we are.
This is the love of the King of Kings.
The Great and Holy God.
It is for us.


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