28 November 2012


They say in your teens you think you know it all.

If I knew it all-
I wouldn't have any questions.

Questions are never in short supply in my brain.

Why, Father?
Why them?

Where are you, Abba?
What are you doing?

But the biggest question,
the one with an answer that I know but wish I didn't?

Why doesn't your plan match mine?

Maybe I should really ask
why my plan doesn't match His.

I like plans.
This firstborn? She likes to know what's going on.
Plans are nice.

Compared to His, though?
Mine are no good.

Erase my plans.
I've got no idea what I'm doing.
Guide me along the narrow path
of your plan.

You see far beyond me.

You see far around me.

You see far behind me

You know what You're doing.

Teach my heart that truth.

Keep showing me how to look for Your plan.

You're good.

You're plans are good.

Far better than my own.

Love You always.


This is the prayer I pray over and over,
when right now?
It doesn't all make sense.

Slowly learning that that's okay.



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