06 July 2012

the madness

There is this madness to life that sometimes terrifies me.

The whirling rush.....
The crazy swirl of hard,
of pain,
flat-out broken.

And the round-and-round spinning of it can make you sick.

You get going so fast that you see you have no control.

I'm not going to lie.

Sometimes it scares me into wanting to run
tuck myself into a dark corner
and wait for the spinning to stop.

But then the King steps into the rush.
Steps into our private madness
takes our hand
and asks for control.

Is it more madness to hand over the last scraps of control you have?


It is your only chance for peace.

This is the grace and the glory of our God.
He chooses to step into our madness,
and take it upon Himself.

It's no longer ours.
He has come and brought us peace
in the midst of madness
if we loose control.

The peace is our only hope of survival.

The crazy-broken doesn't stop spinning.

That doesn't mean you have to be pulled into its rush.

Don't let it pull you in.

Don't fall.

If you do,

Get back up.

Lean hard on Him.

Let Christ take control.

You are His.
You are not bound to the madness.

This is what He died for.



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