07 June 2012

Him in the broken

I wonder....
that if you cannot see God in the ugly,
you maybe are not truly seeing Him?
I think He shows all the more in beauty,
when you see Him in the broken.

Because in the end....
it's all grace.

All beauty.

All for His glory,
His fame.

Not that I see it in everything.
I'm still wondering
where He is in
some of
this pain.

Where He was
in all of that.

Where He is now.

But I am learning to look for his hand
in the ugly.
In the broken.

It takes work,

Nevertheless, He is there.

in the ugly-beautiful.
The broken-healing.

Even in the darkest of times.

Only one time has He ever turned His face away,
and that was 2,000 years ago.

I don't think it will ever happen again.

Even there,
His grand plan was being orchestrated.

Even there.

Even here.

Even now.




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