30 May 2012


When it doesn't make sense......
What a hard place to be.

I know.

And when it is hard to trust.....
that, also, is a hard place to be.

I know.
Been there,
done that.

Maybe still having trouble with the trust sometimes.

It's so hard to be at peace then.

How are we to be at peace when it is all a dark, endless blur of pain?

I don't know,
not really.

I do know that

God is good.

God is with us.

and that he has a plan that is

His plan never is stopped.
Never is ruined.
Never destroyed.

When I'm wondering where He is and what He's doing in some of my friends lives right now.
All this pain.
It's sweeping over them
and I can't see Him yet.

He'll show up.
He saves the drowning.

He has it all under control.

Thankfully. (:



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