16 October 2011


  Today........Know that I am praying for you all. And that I care. And If you ever need to talk to someone, just call me or e-mail me or something. It's not silly. I'd love to know how to better stand before our Wonderful, Glorious God for you. Please........... Trust me?


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  1. Dear , Dear "R"...as in "Radiant" and, "You ROCK!" I am so proud of you and your words that have been such a huge blessing to me tonight. You are 1 Timothy 4:12. Carry on, dear one. I'm going to follow you. I hope that's okay. (Actually...don't you feel weird putting yourself down as a follower of someone's blog when you are really just a bare follower of Christ?)Found you at Ann's. www.thefreedomjournal.blogspot.com