05 January 2014

a year

What do you do with a year?

Do you speak a benediction over it to close it out,
or do you simply bless the year ahead?

What do you say?

Do you look back into the darkness and the pain?
Or do you reach for the light?

I remember.
I remember dark.
More than the dark,
I remember light.

It wasn't an easy year,
but it was a year of leaning in.

Of hope.

Of hearing the voice of God in the desert canyon,
the whisper of love and peace into the wind.

Of friends who were there.

It was a beautiful year.

Light conquers dark.

Maybe a benediction and a blessing aren't so different after all.
They might even be the same.

Christ in us- the hope of glory.
That is the blessing and the benediction,
the first and the last,
the edges of a year-
of a life.

Do I need anything else?

Christ in us,
the hope of glory.



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