17 December 2013

marvel now

 Athanasius asks "How could He have called us if He had not been crucified, for it is only on the cross that a man dies with His arms outstretched?"
This is God, dying with open arms.
The Jews, confused and blinded, could not see past the darkness in their own hearts.
Why did He not free them from their oppressors?
Why was the kingdom He brought about one of peace?
They couldn't bear to see that the real war was over their hearts, that the conquering king wasn't to fight for victory against fleeting man,
instead over the  last and greatest enemy-
 In His death, the broken world was atoned for,
and we were given a chance at redemption.
We were given life.

   As we reflect this Advent over the Word becoming flesh, we cannot allow ourselves to be numbed to the wonder of the Incarnation.
We do not serve a far off God, or seek blindly for truth like the world around us. 
We are broken, and yet we are healed.
The great Story is ours;
we have become a part of it.
We serve the God who knelt and washed feet,
who died with arms outstretched to the mocking world.
We are the reason He came.
We are loved.
When faced with that, what can we say?
What wonderful, upside down story are we now a part of?
As Athanasius writes in On The Incarnation-
O marvel at the Love of the Word for man!

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