09 September 2013

morning hymn

We thank thee that we have a father, and not a maker; that thou hast begotten us, and not moulded us as images of clay; that we have come forth of thy heart, and have not been fashioned by thy hands. It must be so. Only the heart of a father is able to create. We rejoice in it, and bless thee that we know it. We thank thee for thyself. Be what thou art—our root and life, our beginning and end, our all in all. Come home to us. Thou livest; therefore we live. In thy light we see. Thou art—that is all our song

-Morning Hymn, from The Castle by George Macdonald


  1. Thou art- that is all our song. beautiful. isn't that perfectly enough. thanks for that offering today.

    1. Thanks for stopping by- yes. He is. That is so enough :)