19 July 2013


Joining Lisa-Jo Baker over here for Five Minute Friday.
It's a little scary- but good. Join us? :)

Belonging  isn't something I've always felt....

I was always the tall girl.

The one who didn't go to their school.

Older than everyone, or younger.

Never quite the same.

As I've gotten older, though,

here in high school,

I've realized-

it's okay not to fit in.

Being different is what makes me me.

I am willing to be different.

And, after all, aren't I a stranger in this world,

in it, obviously,

but not of it?


I don't need to feel the pressure to belong here,

because I'm just here temporarily.

And the little bits of fitting in?

Glimpses of heaven.

Finding my spot?

Being who I'm made to be,

echoing my creator,

in honor of Him,

being what He made me for.


I belong-

in Him.

And that is enough.

I am content.