15 September 2012

this is mercy

Once upon a time there was a man,
who went on a trip.
And while he was traveling,
he was mugged.
His attackers beat him up,
stole his stuff,
left him half naked,
lying on the side of the street.

As he lay there,
the pastor of  a church in town came walking along on his lunch break.
When he saw the man,
looking pretty bad,
lying there,
he crossed over to the other side of the street.
He thought to himself
"Man, wonder how much he had to drink last night.
Better let him sleep it off."
And so he went on his way,
sure that he should have nothing to do with the man,
because of his image,
you know.

A little later on a successful businessman came walking along,
and saw the man lying there.
Out of curiosity he went over and looked at the man.
He poked him with his toe,
and the man winced,
but remained unresponsive.
"Hm. Someone should do something about the homeless problem here.
This guy's had it rough." thought the businessman.
He checked his watch.
"I'll be late for the meeting if I don't hurry," he thought, and went on his way.

Still a little later a wealthy drug dealer came along.
He saw the man,
and had pity on him.
He went back to his car,
hefted the unconscious man into it,
and drove to the nearest hospital.
In the ER he told the nurse
"Write me down as his contact and send all the bills to me.
Let me know when he wakes up.
Here's my cell number.
I'll be back tomorrow."
The nurse did as he asked.

Which man are you?
I confess,
I am the businessman,
with not enough time
for every one's problem.
God have mercy on me.

It changes everything.



PS: The real story is here.

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