10 August 2012

falling deeper

What about  the Christ makes you think
that makes me fall even deeper in love with You?

What of the gifts takes your breath away?

How often do I forget that my God is not only my God,
but also the most ardent lover of my soul?

Why does it not take my breath away to think that He knows everything about me
And loves me the same.

Wants me.

Pursues me.

Grants me the sunset and the sound of rain on the roof,
the seal behind my kayak,
his laugh,
mist on the sea,
the feel of the water in my hands,
the early-morning birdsong,
the rich red of the dahlia,
her kind words,
all these gifts-
sheer love.

Only love grants these rich and lavish gifts.
Only love.
Only King-love.

Reading of Him gathering the children about Him,
imagining him laughing with them,
kissing the little girls, wrestling with the little boys.

It makes me fall even deeper into this crazy ocean of love.

Watch for His gifts for you-
seek them out.
They are there.

Because of love.



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