29 February 2012


When everything is all grey shadow,
When even the blacks and the whites spin into the blurry grey.
I have found that it is not great trial or great gladness that threaten to destroy me.
It is the in between.
I go mad in the in between.
It's when nothing seems to matter.
But I can't let that happen.
Because it does matter!
Life must be lived in the moment, in thanks for each one.
It is color.
Streaks of crimson blood bringing the white in my life.
Washing the thousand new stains.
The deepest blues of the heavens hung with stars.
The green of the newly alive flowers.
Purple robes of a King.
Maybe this Lent.........
Maybe it's to remind us that here in the in between of life,
between the dust that we were formed from,
and the beginning of new life in the presence of the Master of the Universe,
we need to fast.
Because when you don't have something,
it becomes far more valuable.
And I think that when it is all grey,
the color becomes the most intense.
So I'm living my life in thanks for the color.
In thanks for that I don't have.
For what I can see,
and for that I can't.
In humble gratefulness to Him.
The Father.
The Son.
The Holy Spirit.




  1. Hi neighbor...this is so beautiful...so true...wow...just saw you are in your teens...what a gift at such a young age to have this perspective...this gift to share your heart...I pray you stay in love with your Bridegroom through these years of growing...just precious...
    blessings to you young lady...

  2. You are...so amazing. It does my heart good to hear from you through your words. I just looked over and saw your little tag that says, "Fear is a liar." I think that was meant for me tonight. Wish you and I could meet for coffee and writing practice. Wish you were in my writing class. Wish you lived closer so my Sarah would have a friend. Something tells me we would all get along just fine. Just sending you lots of love tonight, and praying the blessings of Jesus on your precious head. Yes. You are loved.

    1. :)
      So do I.
      Prayers for you right now!
      Thank you for your many kind words.